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This is a great opener from Rob Smith, and I really hope he follows up this excellent cross-genre novel with more tales of K Department. I am not generally a fan of the Vampire genre, as I find most of the stories derivative - something that has not been helped by the whole Buffy/Angel thing. However, let me say that Night Fighters is in a completely different class, and is a book that crosses the genres of WW2 and Vampires very successfully. It takes the best themes from both sources, and blends them together in a very convincing and exciting manner. The characterisation is excellent and the reader can connect with each of the main players in a different way. Funnily enough, set against the pace and drama of the aerial battles, it is the female characters that provide the most colour and intrigue. The writer has a great sense of what draws the reader in, and provides enough material to understand and enjoy each person we meet as the story unfolds, but also retains enough mystery and things left unsaid that you are left with a strong desire to find out more and understand the backstory of each character.  All in all, this is an excellent read and I can’t wait to see more from Rob Smith. My son (aged 15) has just completed the book too and tells me that this is an excellent novel for his age group. Highly recommended.   A J REEVES, WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK

For a first-time novel this has an air of quality about it that belies that fact. From the opening chapters it has you gripped by your page turning fingers and hungry eyes. The author clearly has a love for the genre and the themes and has utilised both cinematic and written influences to make a strong debut.   One of the most impressive elements of the book is the absence of cliches and formulaic turns which can all too often detract from this type of story. The characters are all believable and the factual elements of the story are well-researched and interesting without being overly technical or geeky.  I look forward to this authors next installment and believe that there is a lot more to come from this already exciting talent.  More please!  D. HAMER, WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK

The descriptions of flying Spitfires, Mosquitos etc during World War II are sharp and accurate enough to please any fan of historical fiction. Add to that a gripping plot that ties together the supernatural and the real, and you have a great read. Vampires are, for once, sympathetic characters in this fresh take on a tired genre. Highly recommended.  A.J.WHITELEY, WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK

This is not your average WWII story of aerial combat. Rob Smith’s Night Fighters is an impressive combination of memorable and well-developed characters, incredible WWII air combat action sequences, and the kind of imaginative and clever writing that makes for a fun read. Oh, and I did I mention that it features a unique take on vampires? Like I said - not your average WWII novel. The vampires in Night Fighters are given enough back story and description to make them different and intriguing but also leaves enough unanswered questions to not spoil the mystery.   If you’re into WWII historical fiction or just good, rousing action then Night Fighters is well worth the read!  J.CAWLO, WWW.AMAZON.COM

Pit the RAF against the finest of the Luftwaffe, dark cloudy nights over the shores of England & Europe, then throw in a Vampire or eight. It results in a fantastic read for those who want to lose themselves in a book for a couple of days. The book not only provides the action of World War II, but also delights the minds of those who enjoy fantasy science fiction.  Rob Smith has a style of writing that is easy to read and makes it hard to put down. At the end you want more and lucky for us, it leaves itself open for a Sequel.  BRIAN K., WWW.AMAZON.COM

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